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Floral I Wallpaper Collection

Floral I Wallpaper Collection

As we enter into Spring, so too do we embrace the return of colour and vibrancy around us. From the delightful pink of cherry blossoms to the cheerful yellow of daffodils, from lush new shoots of green to the beauty of Camellias, these eruptions of life outside have long been reflected inside through the timeless medium of floral inspired wallcoverings. 

Originally exported from China, wallpaper was an expensive commodity reserved only for the affluent in 18th century England.

With the advent of the industrial revolution, developments in print technology and enterprise in the mid-19th century, demand for wallpaper increased. Designs and accessibility flourished allowing for the growing middle class to use wallpaper as a means to decorate and brighten their homes. Its continued ability to remain in style – while, at the same time, allowing for re-invention – highlights this country’s sustained love of this ever-ebullient medium to decorate.

From designs featuring repeats of a single mono-tone motif to all-over multi-coloured patterns, wallpapers with floral and botanical themes are a quintessential component of English interiors and style.  

Brillig & Borogove’s floral wallpaper collection celebrates the form, vibrancy and colours of the natural world. Check out our curated offering of floral prints. 

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