Here at Brillig & Borogove we are of the opinion that the art of decor lies in creating an atmosphere of style, comfort and whimsical charm.

Our collections are representative of our philosophy.

We like to mix Staffordshire porcelain dog figurines and fine regency furniture with gooseberry leaf patterned wallpaper and braided rugs - yes! we are big fans of the "Anne of Green Gables" series by L.M. Montgomery.


Brillig and Borogove are two nonsensical, literary words coined by the author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll. The words first appear in the poem: The Jabberwocky from the novel "Through The Looking Glass" by Carroll.

Brillig has its root in the verb "bryl" or "broil", referring to, perhaps for a great many people, the best part of the day, the part they most look forward to: the evening (when one begins "broiling" things for supper).

Borogoves are fictitious creatures. Whimsical, eccentric, shabby looking birds which can be best described as a crossbreed between a dodo, a flamingo and a parrot, much like our brand's founder and creative director.

What We Do

We specialise and trade in decorative works of art, classic furniture and antiques. Just like our name, our items too are a curious mix of unique, one-off pieces.

We are defined by our hybrid collections comprised of items that have been lovingly sourced. Each piece has been selected for its inherent charm, character and constitution.

We also offer for sale, a range of splendid, in-house designed wallcoverings, murals and home textiles featuring illustrations, motifs and patterns that are largely inspired by our collection of decorative art and objects.

Our full range of items and products can be viewed in person at our Chelsea Showroom (by appointment only) located in South-West London.