Pair of Wooden Lion Sculptures

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An impressive pair of polychrome wooden heraldic lion sculptures. Each lion in the "sejant-erect" or "sejant-rampant" (sitting on its haunches, with its body erect and both forepaws raised) position, holding a shield emblazoned with a cross. 

Measuring approximately 4 Ft 5 inches (138 cm) in height, these imposing beasts are modelled in the heraldic style, each with a thick mane, open jaw and big paws. It is possible that given their large scale and noble demeanour, these lions may have been commissioned for a castle or a manor. 

King Henry VIII is known to have decorated his palaces with representations of mythical beasts. The privy orchard at Hampton Court Palace was said to have been adorned with carved, polychromed and gilt wood royal beasts which included dragons and lions. 

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