Antique Victorian Gold Presentation Box

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An antique, Victorian, oval-shaped, gold presentation box with recorded provenance by John Linnit, London 1849. Marked in the body and cover with the English post 1798 standard mark for 18 carat gold.

The cover cast and chased with a coat-of-arms below an earl's coronet and with a motto on each side, the base and sides engraved with geometric scrollwork, together with a letter dated 1860. The arms are those of Chichester quartering Itchingham, for Frederick Richard, Earl of Belfast (1827-1853), eldest son of Sir George Chichester, 3rd Marquess of Donegall (1797-1883).

Dimensions: 3.25 Inches (Length).
Gross Weight: 165 grams.

Small boxes, made from gold, silver and other precious materials were among the supreme luxuries of 18th-century European aristocratic elite. Mostly made to hold snuff (powdered tobacco), these were presented as gifts and tokens to friends, lovers, important courtiers, dignitaries and ambassadors.

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