Birdsong Wallpaper

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Color: cello

Product Description & Information

This cheerful wallpaper features detailed, hand-drawn illustrations of 16 different birds and is inspired by the works of the 17th century, Dutch master: Melchior de Hondecoeter known as the 'Raphael of bird painters’.  

What would the world be without the calling cuckoo or the talkative parrot, the dancing peacock or the miming lyrebird? With an estimated 10,000 different species of birds inhabiting this planet; this wallpaper celebrates the delightful chorus of our feathered friends. 

Width: 70 cm (27.55 in).

Roll Length: 10 m (10.94 yd).

Repeat: 64 cm (25.19 in) (Straight) - Please read our wallpaper hanging guide on how to hang this wallpaper.

Digitally Printed in the UK on FSC compliant non-woven paper. 

Price is Per Roll (52 cm wide) exclusive of VAT (as may be applicable).  

Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks if not in stock.

Samples come in an A4 (11″ x 8.5″) size.

For wallpaper samples and cuttings use the enquiry form below or send us an email with your full name and mailing address at

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